Areas and tasks of the sentha subprojects




Subproject Social Sciences

Berlin Institute for Social Research

User-perspective, analysis of user requirements, and consequences of technology
Subproject Ergonomics

Technical University Berlin,
Institute for Ergonomics

Human dexterity and physical abilities
Subproject Engineering Design

Technical University Berlin,
Mechanical Engineering Department 
 - Engineering Design - 

Systematic design process
Subproject Product Design

University of the Arts Berlin,
Institute for Product and Process Design

Design and market positioning of senior-friendly products
Subproject Medical Engineering

Technical University Berlin,
Institute for Medical Engineering

Security and support functions
Subproject Communication Engineering

Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus,
Communication Engineering

Smart Home applications (communication and networks)
Subproject Coordination and Architecture

Center for Technology and Society,
Technical University Berlin

Organizational coordination and integration of project findings


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